The Society Season 2 Is Happening, With More Answers And More Pie

More memes and more answers are coming

Ready to head back The Society's West Ham? You're in lucky. Netflix has renewed the tantalizingly addictive drama series for a second season, which is heading into production later this year.

The Society is a young adult drama series that basically follows the plot of the 1954 Nobel Prize-winning novel Lord of the Flies. What happens when a group of teenagers are left to craft their own society with no adults and no rules to follow? A lot of chaos, backstabbing, and pie. Yes, pie.

"We have some big news. Really big," the cast teases in the quick Instagram clip. "We're making season 2 of The Society!" The understandably elated cast asks if you know what this means: namely, more answers about some of the things you're the most curious about.

But there's more to the story than that. In this world, the aforementioned teens don't only wake up and find that their parents are missing – they've been transported to a strange version of their neighborhood. Everything seems the same, except for the glaring omission of their parental units. In this topsy-turvy world, nothing makes sense, but they've got to band together and create a new normal as they work to solve the mystery of what happened to them – and more importantly, whether things can ever return to the way they were.

The Society feature a dazzling cast, with the likes of Big Little Lies' Kathryn Newton as Allie, and frequently explores heady topics like that of what it means to build a community from the ground up as well as interpreting the ways their old world worked in order to apply those same principles to their new way of living.

There aren't any real clues as to where this second season will take the cast, but the new season is set to touch down in 2020. If you're planning on keeping up, better go ahead and binge that 10-episode first season now.