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Tyler, The Creator's Odd Future Involves His Own Ice Cream

You make my mint quake!

Tyler, the Creator released his third studio album, Cherry Bomb , in 2015. On July 6, he's releasing his own ice cream in a flavor called "Snowflake," that's really a mix of peppermint and spearmint flavors. There's no correlation between that album or the ice cream release – it's just to show that that album title sounds like a more delicious ice cream flavor than one that can freshen your breath before a big date.

Maybe Tyler knows something that we don't, but one thing's for certain: Tyler, the Creator can add "Ice Cream Maker" to his lengthy list of titles.

"Snowflake" comes courtesy of a collaboration between the rapper's brand, GOLF le FLEUR*, and Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, a company based out of Columbus, Ohio. According to a press release via Pitchfork, the fresh-breathed desert won't be made of just mints.

It's "cool peppermint on the ivory side, warm spearmint on the green side, with buttery white chocolate melted throughout, white chocolate flakes for some crunch, and a little sea salt to bring the flavor and scent forward." The chocolatey parts sound appetizing, but the presence of mint is... a lot to consider. It'll be available online starting July 6 on GOLF and Jeni's websites, and then it'll arrive at Jeni stores on July 8. If you happen to be in Los Angeles on July 6 though, you'll be able to get some of this minty treat at the GOLF store.

Tyler recently released his fifth studio album, IGOR, earlier this year and instructed fans to not go into the LP expecting anything. He's heading out on a tour this fall for the LP with Goldlink, Jaden Smith, and Blood Orange.