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Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Are Tying The Knot In A Literal Castle, No Big Deal

A French castle wedding sounds legit

After hitting Paris for what looked like some of the most exciting and romantic escapades ever, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have arrived at their final wedding destination.

As it turns out, they're having their official ceremony in a literal French castle: Château de Tourreau, in Sarrians, France. There, the pair will have their formal wedding ceremony, following their rock-and-roll exchanging of vows back in Vegas at the L'Amour inside A Little White Wedding Chapel.

Elle reports that the pair arrived at their Insta-worthy venue and were greeted with glasses of Provence wine before hitting the grounds of the restored 18th century castle. It's massive (and a spot on Airbnb if you're interested in renting it) and features nine rows, a winery, its own tennis court, and an absolutely decadent-looking pool. Oh, and it's nearly $5,000 a night.

The pair have spent all week in Paris going on romantic boat rides along the Seine river, hanging out with family Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas and enjoying themselves. Joe and Sophie were spending a few days in Crillon-le-Brave in Provence before heading to the castle, and it looks like they had the most relaxing time there.Just look at this romanic couple's bath setup. Yes, we're totally jealous.

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According to Entertainment Tonight, the couple is about ready to throw their wedding bash this weekend. Only a few days away!

"The wedding will be much more traditional than their Vegas ceremony, but will still have their fun flair built in," explained a source.

With the couple's wedding imminent, all we have to do now is sit back and wait for the fireworks to happen. And by fireworks, we mean Joe or Sophie (or probably Diplo) posting plenty of photos and videos from the event. We've been waiting for this one, and we hope the happy couple has a fantastic, lovely wedding.