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Twitter Was Ready To Roast The Primary Debates

The best memes, from hot mics to bathrobes

By Lauren Rearick

The road to the 2020 Presidential election kicked off Wednesday night in Miami, Florida, when 10 Democratic hopefuls took the stage for the first primary debate. They were followed by another 10 candidates on Thursday night. And, as in night one, there was a lot of yelling, but this time, Senator Kamala Harris was there to keep everyone in line. And, just like last, night Twitter was ready to pounce on the gaffes, celebrate the punches, and make plenty of jokes on their own.

But what were the best memes of both nights? We’ll leave that for you to decide as you rest up for the second debate at the end of July. We’ll see everyone in Detroit!

¿Hablas Español?

Thanks to Senator Cory Booker, we now have the most perfect surprisedface.gif for every future social media occasion. The emoji IRL expression came when Beto O’Rourke answered a question in Spanish, which Senator Booker was apparently not expecting.

Were We Are Really Watching The Bachelor This Whole Time?

Twitter couldn’t help but compare the evening’s debate to an episode of The Bachelor, and to be fair, with a two-night event that includes 23 candidates and a lot of drama, the comparison was spot-on.

What is Beto trying to tell us?

Apparently, even politicians accustomed to being in the public eye get nervous, and penty of Twitter users quickly pointed out that Congressman O’Rourke just couldn’t figure out where to place his hands.

Senator Warren in the Middle

The quick quips between candidates and continued sparring left many, including Senator Warren, struggling to keep up. Tennis, anyone?

Doing My Best To Not Imagine Trump In A Bathrobe

Thank you, Senator Amy Klobuchar, for not only a very comprehensive answer to the question about the Iran Deal but also by forcing everyone to imagine President Trump in a bathrobe.

“This president is one tweet away from going to war. And I don't think we should conduct foreign policy in a bathrobe, which is what he does,” she said.

One Final Mic Check

The second half of the debate was forced to take an unexpected commercial break when other people’s microphones were unintentionally left on. The hot mic moment captured someone audibly looking for a binder, and hopefully they found it.

Because A Debate Isn't A Debate Without This Meme

Former tech executive Andrew Yang showed up without a tie and possibly made history with his use of the word asses, because he’s not a regular candidate — he’s a cool candidate. We think?

And Now, For Jim Henson’s Muppet Presidential Debate

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are wildly ideologically different, but their common ground might be the platform of “who would play you in a biopic?”

Please Take A Moment To Revel In Kamala Harris Doing Her Thing

Taking "Pick Me" To New, Creative Heights

Remember when you were really eager to raise your hand and share that you actually did the reading, but then the teacher never called on you? Yeah, Joe Biden was that. As for Bernie Sanders, his hand raising was more reminiscent of the check-out aisle at Target.

If Washington D.C. Doesn’t Work Out, There’s Always Hollywood

The night featured plenty of doppelgangers, including a possible CBS sitcom come to life and the reappearance of our favorite Clarissa Explains It All kid politician.