Battle of the Pratts: Should Stephanie 'Distance' Herself From Spencer And Heidi On The Hills?

After a massive family feud, Audrina votes 'yes'

Frankie's "Welcome Back Stephanie Pratt" party had every intention of being a sweet Hills homecoming for the younger Pratt sibling. However, Steph's night turned to shambles -- and it had everything mostly to do with a difficult conversation with brother Spencer and his wife Heidi.

During tonight's brand-new New Beginnings episode, Stephanie -- who previously confessed her main motivation for coming back to The Hills Los Angeles was to reconnect with her loved ones (including her nephew Gunner) -- admitted she was ready to put the past in the past and "move on from it all" with Speidi. However, Spencer was cautious and had his guard very much up.

"I am definitely on high alert," he confessed in a separate interview. "Even though I know I've really worked on myself over the years and made a lot of personal progress, I'm not so sure my sister has done the same, based on how she behaves on social media and always includes myself, Heidi and even my baby. If anything, I feel like she's gotten worse."

Hugs were exchanged when the trio saw each other for the first time, but the mood quickly turned sour when Spencer and Heidi departed Steph's designated party area.

"This is my welcome home party -- it's bizarre," she uttered to Justin Bobby and Whitney. And when she approached Spencer, they both dropped the niceties (after she thanked him for showing up to the event) and put it all out on the table.

"I just don't know why it's so hard," she stated, while he responded with, "You talk non-stop sh*t about myself, my wife and even my newborn son."

A major source of pain for Stephanie?

"I found out you were having a baby on my birthday on the news. I found out on the f*cking news," she said. However, Spencer was quick to clarify that the life-changing announcement occurred the day after.

"And instead of being happy, what were you sad about? Oh, 'it was on my birthday.' You're the most self-centered person ever," he responded.

Which led to this exchange:

With that, Spencer stormed off -- and when Heidi tried to speak with Steph, the latter was not interested. But that didn't stop Heidi from speaking her piece.

"Look, your whole family has said to us, 'We don't know what Stephanie's problem is; we don't know why she acts the way she does,'" Heidi told Steph matter of factly. "We love you."

Stephanie couldn't see Heidi's perspective and said she would have never done the same thing. However, Heidi defended her actions and added that Steph had tweeted "nasty stuff" about the couple and that they had done nothing but "love and embrace" her.

"All you are doing is trying to make me look bad," Steph added. And, just like her brother, Steph abruptly exited the convo.

Audrina and Mischa were quick to comfort the lady of the night -- and Audrina, who has had her fair share of experiences with all of the Pratts, offered Steph a bit of advice.

"I feel like you need to cut them off, kind of a little bit," she told a distraught Steph. "They're your family, but you need to distance yourself."

Will Stephanie heed Audrina's advice, and is this the best move? Or should Stephanie persist and achieve her goal of reconnecting with her clan? Give your take, then keep watching Stephanie, Spencer, Heidi and the rest of the gang every Monday at 10/9c.