Watching Her Back: Can Mischa Trust Her Cohorts On The Hills: New Beginnings?

The actress has returned to the City of Angels after taking a break from the spotlight

Mischa may have taken a lengthy hiatus from Hollywood, but now she is back in Newport Beach Tinseltown and ready to reconnect with an old group of pals. Aka the cast of The Hills.

During this week's premiere of New Beginnings, the actress -- who landed the coveted role of Marissa Cooper on The O.C. when she was 17 -- got candid about how the former FOX series brought her a level of fame she wasn't quite ready to endure and why she needed to retreat from the spotlight.

"It's crazy when you've got that many people following you all the time," Mischa divulged during her first scene on the MTV program. "I've had a couple of really bad things happen to me here. It just made me realize I needed to leave LA for a minute. My whole thought process was, if I get away from the industry and from the paparazzi, I can actually get a fresh perspective on my career and what I want to be doing with my life."

But now, Mischa revealed she's ready to "reconnect with this group of friends" and met up with Stephanie for a sunny beach picnic. And Steph, who was also newly back in town, confessed she was looking forward to being reacquainted with the starlet because they hadn't seen each other in a beat.

"Mischa and I had a lot of fun together," Steph reflected. "But not too much fun!"

And when the pair got to catching up over some fruit and hummus, Mischa disclosed she was "adjusting well" to her new routine and that she had recently met up with Spencer and Heidi to record a podcast, during which the trio discussed Mischa's history and subsequent beef with Perez Hilton (which will resurface). From there, the women talked about Mischa's decision to depart the City of Angels -- and the pain she suffered at the hands of someone she cared for deeply.

"I've been through my fair share of anxious episodes -- especially in the last few years -- and that's why I ended up moving to New York," Mischa told Steph. "I had that whole revenge porn thing where I fell in love with the wrong guy. It was obviously pretty traumatizing."

Looking forward, Mischa is locked in her LA lifestyle -- and "it's time to get back to reality now" (the double meaning!). Even though she has some trepidation about this new environment.

"Being in Los Angeles, I learned you're surrounded by people who you can't trust," Mischa stated in a separate interview, sans Steph.

Will Mischa be able to have faith in her Hills pals -- or will one of them betray her? And if so, who is the most likely suspect? And what will unfold when she ultimately comes face-to-face with Perez Hilton (of course that's going to unfold)? Give your guesses in the comments, and be sure to watch Mischa on The Hills: New Beginnings every Monday at 10/9c.