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Nicki Minaj Is Back Bringing Summer Vibes In Breezy 'Megatron' Video

Plus, she may or may not light a Lamborghini on fire

Earlier this year, Nicki Minaj seemed to pledge her allegiance to Megatron, the big bad of the Transformers franchise, with the tease of a song of the same name. And early Friday morning (June 21), she finally delivered with a video for the song, though one with admittedly much fewer robots. (There is a green Lamborghini, but it doesn't turn into anything else.)

"Megatron," as a song, is breezy, but Nicki's rhymes add an edge that makes the whole thing a potent summer cocktail. "They call me Megatron, just did a telethon," she raps to announce herself. "He got Margiela's on, and I get my jealous on." As Genius points out, she also likened herself to the titular villain on Future's "Transformer" last year. It makes sense — Nicki's made it very clear that she likes identifying with the bad guy.

In the new video, directed by Mike Ho, Nicki goes for more of a straight-ahead, celebratory vibe to match the song's lightness. She's in a bikini, lounging in a pool, rapping in expensive shades in front of said Lambo in the jungle, and throwing a party at a tropical bar. It is the first day of summer, after all.

Near the end of the vid, after Nicki appears to pour gasoline all over the very expensive sports car, she's seen walking away as it's engulfed in flames. This looks to be CGI, though. And if it's actually not, what a video budget!

Watch the fun go down in the new "Megatron" video above.