P!nk's Smile Is A Mask For A Broken Relationship In '90 Days' Video

Her husband, Carey Hart, plays her fed-up partner

P!nk's going through tough times in a relationship in "90 Days," a look at the mentality behind fake happiness and real gloom in the faulty foundation of a relationship well past its demolition date. The song also follows her partner, the part sung by Wrabel, who also feels growing space between them. It's a sad situation for everyone around.

On Tuesday (June 18), P!nk released a video for "90 Days" starring her husband, Carey Hart, who enters into this downing dance with her for four minutes. It's like watching a relationship decay slowly.

The video starts with a barrage of frowns from P!nk shown alongside clips of her on The Ellen DeGeneres Show smiling and laughing in conversation. When she's away from the camera, P!nk's not happy. She's down, and it comes from her relationship.

She sits in a tub and lets the water run as she mopes — her husband, Carey, is equally dejected. Over the course of the video, we follow the two in sadness with a glint of hope in their eyes like they're living in memories when the relationship was better.

"90 Days" appears on P!nk's eighth studio album Hurts 2B Human that came out in April. It follows the previous singles, "Can We Pretend," "Walk Me Home," "Hustle," and the title track.

Watch P!nk and her husband deal with relationship distress up above.