( Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images)

Future Rides Monster Trucks And Spins Around In Old Cars In 'St. Lucia' Video

He looks like an extra from 'The Outsiders'

Future is out to crush cars in his new video for "St. Lucia." Against the nighttime sky, the rapper is using his metallic voice to offset the angry crunch of monster truck wheels on cars for one of the year's most interesting and unique videos. It's the latest taste of his recently released album Save Me that sees the rapper in a deeper and darker mood than perhaps ever before. We've seen him do a lot, but driving a monster truck? This is new territory.

Future must have just finished watching The Outsiders before shooting this video because his zippered leather jacket makes him look like he's about to become best friends with Ponyboy Curtis. The visual opens by showing a vast assortment of trophies: He's a decorated racer, and a small crowd gathers in the stands to watch him work his vehicular magic. A truck is driven over car roofs and old cars spin around and fling up red, martian-like dirt in the air. It's a fierce scene — one that Future, of course, navigates with his icy cool and plain face hidden behind sunglasses.

The video for "St. Lucia" follows the visuals for "Government Official," "Love Thy Enemies," and "XanaX Damage" that all came out on the same dayHe dropped Save Me on June 7 after teasing it on Instagram a couple of days before.

Watch Future become a professional monster truck driver in the video for "St. Lucia" up above.