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Sophie Turner Is 'So Down' To Play Boy George In His Upcoming Biopic

Let's make this happen!

It's only been a few weeks since the news surfaced that a Boy George biopic is in the works, and already, the internet has strong opinions about who should play the music icon on the big screen. But while people have been busy throwing around names on social media, the pop music legend felt an attachment to one particular suggestion: Sophie Turner.

"There's been some really interesting suggestions," the singer said today (June 17) on Australian radio show "Fitzy and Wippa," per EW. "One of the most interesting suggestions was Sophie Turner." The Culture Club frontman also acknowledged the fact that, while he thinks the Game of Thrones star would do an exceptional job portraying him in the film, it would likely anger some people. "I think that will upset people, which I really like — [people saying] "Oh she can't play you, she's a woman."

Despite the probable backlash that such a casting would cause, the singer doesn't seem to care — especially since Sophie's basically living out his teenage dream right now. "When I was 17 I would have loved to have been her," he revealed. "... That was the ambition."

After hearing the kind things Boy George had to say about her, Sophie took to Twitter to immediately express her interest in the role. "I'm SO down," she tweeted. Clearly, a few haters aren't enough to keep the actor from taking on the iconic role, either.

Apart from the unfortunate and inevitable criticism that would come along with casting a woman as Boy George, it would actually make a lot of sense for Sophie to play the part. Why? Because even she's aware that there's an undeniable resemblance between her and the singer. While answering some of the web's most searched questions for Wired earlier this month, Sophie said, "I get Boy George all the time, and you know what? I met him and I met his brother, and they told me that I looked just like him."

So who will actually wind up snagging the role? Well, it's too soon to tell. But now that the Queen of the North is in the running, we're standing behind her 100 percent. After eight seasons on Game of Thrones, we don't think there's any challenge she's not up for.