King Princess Is A Channel-Surfing 'Cheap Queen' In Her Quirky New Video

Watch as she wins a beauty contest and serenades a sandwich

There's good news and bad news about King Princess's new video for the downbeat anthem "Cheap Queen." The good: it's total surreal fun, recalling the retro-style visuals for her breakout hit "1950" and the fabulously cheesy "Pussy Is God." The bad: she doesn't actually "make a grown man cry" on screen, despite what her lyrics suggest. But what the vid lacks in adult male tears, it makes up for with charming quirkiness.

The fun begins with a new interlude, "Useless Phrases," which King Princess sings to a sandwich while floating through the clouds. Turns out, that scene is part of a goofy TV show she's watching, and she unenthusiastically flips through more channels while sprawling out on an oversized sofa. The 20-year-old plays several different characters that pop up on the cartoonish TV, each more animated than the last. Her channel-surfing antics end with a beauty queen contest where she's, of course, crowned the "Cheap Queen" while dryly asserting, "I'm getting too cocky since everyone wants me." Damn right.

"Cheap Queen" is the lead single from King Princess's upcoming debut album, which follows her 2018 EP, Make My Bed. She hasn't announced a title or release date yet, but here's hoping KP has more music planned for the rest of 2019. She's right, after all: everyone wants her.