Miley Cyrus Is Ashley O From Black Mirror In 'On A Roll' Video

And her consciousness is in tact!

Miley Cyrus is Ashley O in the new video for "On A Roll," a song from Netflix's Black MirrorCyrus stars in the pop music-obsessed episode that covers the blur between creativity and technology. The video avoids the heavy questions and gives us what Ashley O does best: timeless pop records. Who else could take Nine Inch Nails's "Head Like A Hole" and rework the lyrics so friendly and vivaciously?

Cyrus's Ashley O is a heightened version of everything that makes Cyrus so enthralling to the world. In the video, Ashley's smile is beautiful and her dancing so excited. With a group of women following her every move, Ashley's pink hair flies in front of her face as she performs a number of routines to the lively number. The screen cracks at the end, indicating plot developments in her Black Mirror episode that you'll have to see to understand.

But as you watch Cyrus as Ashley O, think about how much of your creativity you really own. Then watch Cyrus's episode and speculate about the fate of Ashley O. You'll be surprised, no matter which way you swing.

Last month, Cyrus released an EP, She Is Coming. Earlier this week, she apologized for critical comments made in 2017 about hip-hop, calling her words "insensitive."

Watch Miley Cyrus as Ashley O perform magic up above.