This Man Used A Tattoo To Propose To -- And Marry -- His Longtime Partner

Andre and Ronnie tied the knot during a very special episode of 'How Far Is Tattoo Far?'

Andre and Ronnie arrived at How Far Is Tattoo Far? as boyfriends -- and departed the MTV series as husbands. This show is bringing people together -- in holy matrimony.

During tonight's brand-new episode, the partners -- who have been together for five years and "never had a day apart" -- entered the experience with different intentions (shocker!). Ronnie told hosts Nico Tortorella and Justina Valentine that he was frustrated that "Andre's been dragging his feet," while Andre confessed he was using his design as an ultimatum.

"Sh*t or get off of the toilet kind of thing," Andre elaborated in a private interview. "It's either marry me, or it's over."

And he meant it. The ink he designed for Ronnie featured the two men, a rainbow with a diamond ring and the message "Marry me now or never."

As soon as Ronnie saw his ink, he burst into tears. And when he turned around, there was Andre on bended knee with a sparkler to really propose.

"I'm asking you to marry me, but I'm giving you also an ultimatum," Andre stated. "Five years is a long time invested in someone. I'm tired of all this waiting around, so either you marry me today, like right now, or never."

Ronnie enthusiastically nodded and replied "yes," and that's when the proposal took a fast turn (and it was very evident that Andre had recovered from his threesome "Caboose Wanted" tat from Ronnie).

"I just so happen to be an ordained minister," Nico offered. "So can we get some help out here?"

At the drop of a hat, there was a flowered altar, tuxedo jackets for the grooms and the couple's loved ones. NUPTIALS, HERE WE COME.

After a sweet ceremony -- including "I love yous" -- Nico pronounced Andre and Ronnie "husband and husband." The conclusion? A Justina Freestyle.

"I'm like I'm about to get my dance on, I can't believe you got married with no pants on!" she offered to Ronnie (the tat with the query was on his leg after, all).

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