Double Shot Sneak Peek: Is Nikki In Love With Pauly D?

She's about to answer that very important question -- during a lie detector test

Nikki was the first Double Shot gal to kiss Pauly D, and her relationship with the DJ has progressed ("weird" situation excluded). But is she ready to tell Pauly how she really feels? After all, she's had no problem voicing her opinions about the competition:

In a sneak peek of this week's episode, the Jamaica native has to take a lie detector test -- administered by JWOWW and Ronnie's teeth. The first question in the hot seat doesn't phase Nikki, and she's being truthful -- Derynn's romance with Pauly does not make her jealous. But the queries take a swift (and serious) turn.

"Are you in love with Pauly?" Jenni asks.

Nikki's first reaction? Laughter (nervous giggles to be more on point). But how does she ultimately reply? Is she being honest, or is she lying? Watch Nikki dish in the clip, and do not miss the entire A Double Shot at Love installment tonight at 8/7c.