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BTS And Charli XCX Want You To Go After Your Dreams In New Collab

'Dream Glow' will be featured on the Korean superstars' upcoming mobile game, 'BTS World'

BTS and Charli XCX have linked up for a new, bedazzling song, "Dream Glow." It's every bit as shiny and bright as the name suggests and it'll make you feel all fuzzy inside. The shimmering track appears on the Korean group's upcoming mobile game BTS World, so prepare to hear it everywhere on June 25 when the game launches.

While we wait to get our fingers on the game, it's time to immerse ourselves in this dreamy song.

Charli XCX kicks things off with a jolt before BTS's Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook lead the listener through a shining land of rainbows and dream-chasing. It's a smooth listen that builds the anticipation for BTS World's imminent release. In the game, you'll play as a manager with the goal of making the band into superstars. With an optimistic, and impossibly bright, tune like "Dream Glow," it looks like that dream will be easy to turn into a reality.

BTS World is going to follow an alternate universe story where in 2012, you're a BigHit Entertainment employee who's been placed in charge of the group. The game's going to have over 10,000 new photos, 100 never-before-seen clips of the group in action, and a new soundtrack, which "Dream Glow" comes from. For their most recent real life soundtrack, they released Map Of The Soul: Persona in April.

Listen to "Dream Glow" up above.