Peggy Sirota

Jonas Brothers' Comeback Album Happiness Begins Is Here, And Fans Have No Chill

'Ugh my heart is full'

Let the happiness commence!

The Jonas Brothers' stellar comeback has culminated in the new album Happiness Begins, which arrived at the stroke of midnight on Friday (June 7). It marks the band's fifth studio album and first in 10 years, following 2009's Lines, Vines and Trying Times. And though it's already given JB their first-ever No. 1 single, "Sucker," there were sky-high expectations for Happiness Begins, namely from the legions of fans whose decade-long patience has finally paid off.

For what it's worth, Kevin, Joe, and Nick are as happy as clams — in a new press release, the trio said, "For us this album is a culmination of the last ten years and our story as brothers. We are so excited this album is officially out! We can't wait for you to finally hear it and to perform it in front of all our fans around the world!" They also cheekily added, "PS - We've been to the year 3000. Not much has changed but they live underwater."

As for those aforementioned dedicated-as-hell fans? The early reviews are in, and the consensus seems to be that the boys are back and as fun as ever. Upon the album's release, JB enthusiasts took their fervor to Twitter and shared hilarious and emotional reactions to the 14 new tracks (including the previously released singles "Sucker" and "Cool"). See the best below, and happy listening!

  1. "Sucker"
  2. "Cool"
  3. "Only Human"
  4. "I Believe"
  5. "Used to Be"
  6. "Every Single Time"
  7. "Don't Throw It Away"
  8. "Love Her"
  9. "Happy When I'm Sad"
  10. "Trust"
  11. "Strangers"
  12. "Hesitate"
  13. "Rollercoaster"
  14. "Comeback"