Teen Mom OG Meddling: Should Amber's Mother Have Asked About A Possible Wedding?

Tonya insists it was 'just a question,' but Ms. Portwood was shook

Amber and Andrew were asked about a possible wedding at the last Teen Mom OG reunion -- and the latter revealed to hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa that the couple has "hypothetically" discussed the milestone occasion (relive the moment below). But during this week's episode, the parents faced the same query from a more inquiring mind: Amber's mom Tonya.

"So when do you guys plan on getting married?" Tonya asked following James' first birthday party, in the middle of chat about Amber being late and the possibility of the pair having more children (Amber later confirmed she is not pregnant).

Amber was stunned by her mom's actions (her open mouth pretty much indicated her emotion), and she immediately punted the question to her love.

"It's all about timing, right?" he answered, to which Amber responded, "I don't know what that means."

Andrew explained his desire to "hit certain goals," while Tonya insisted it was "just a question."

Later, Amber re-raised her mom's wedding conversation starter and expressed her desire for what she would like to occur when she and Andrew are ready to take the next relationship step.

"I want it to be a surprise to me -- I don't want to know," she added. "I don't give a dang if it's in two years."

Circling back to Tonya: Should she have asked about a possible wedding, and was her timing appropriate? Or should she have refrained from posing the query to the lovebirds because it's evident they don't have imminent plans? Give your take, then keep watching the Portwood/Glennon clans every Monday on Teen Mom OG at 9/8c.