Will Catelynn And Tyler's Teen Mom OG Gift Help Secure A Visit With Carly?

The parents haven't seen their little girl in nearly two years

Catelynn and Tyler have not had a Teen Mom OG visit with Carly in nearly two years; last season, Cate tried to coordinate a time to meet to no avail. But during tonight's brand-new episode, the couple opened up to their longtime adoption counselor Dawn about the possibility of seeing the almost 10-year old and her parents Brandon and Teresa.

"I'm excited for Carly to meet Vaeda," Cate told Dawn, after the former got to bond with the newborn. "And for Brandon and Teresa [to meet her]."

Dawn expressed her hopefulness that there would be a visit in the not-so-distant future but advised that Cate and Ty needed to take some steps beforehand.

"It might soften the entry of a visit for Carly if she's had some interaction with you prior to that," Dawn advised. "Has she gotten cards from you guys? Has she gotten notes of love or gifts?"

Cate and Ty agreed -- and the young mom admitted they hadn't been "great" about sending presents.

Dawn spoke to the two about Carly's upcoming 10th birthday and urged them to do "something special for her."

"We can't move backward in time," Dawn added. "She knows who her birth parents are," she continued, while Tyler chimed in with, "She knows they suck at giving presents."

"We can change the direction of that," Dawn was quick to assert.

Cate and Tyler took Dawn's advice and worked to make Carly a scrapbook. The collection of photographs and notes held special significance for the high school sweethearts and their little girl: Cate and Tyler made a similar keepsake for the then-toddler years prior.

"I think me and Tyler will each write her a letter, but I was thinking I was going to add some wedding photos," she told her mom April and producer Kerthy. "I feel like it will be special to her because a lot of adopted children don't get stuff like that."

Will Cate and Ty's extra effort help to "soften the entry" of a visit, like Dawn suggested? And will Cate and Tyler be able to introduce their young daughter to Carly sooner rather than later? Open up in the comments, and keep watching Teen Mom OG every Monday at 9/8c.