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Finally, There's A Movie That Sends Brad Pitt To Space

Brad Pitt will explore the outer reaches of the galaxy

Ever dreamt of seeing Brad Pitt launched into space? There's a movie for that.

The first footage of the upcoming sci-fi adventure Ad Astra is here, and Pitt will get more than his fair share of space exploration as the movie unfolds. He's got to go all the way out past Neptune, for goodness' sake. As we learned in 2010: The Year We Make Contact, we're really not even supposed to go beyond Europa, so it's probably a bad idea all around.

Ad Astra follows engineer Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), whose father (Tommy Lee Jones) has gone missing following a one-way intergalactic trip to Neptune, of all places. Following a bizarre event known as "The Surge" down on Earth, an EMP-like event that shuts down electricity, technology, and other important facets of everyday life, Roy must travel to the outer edges of our solar system to find exactly where his father has disappeared to. Given that it's space, something terrible is almost assuredly about to happen. That's par for the course in these movies.

The trailer itself is a bit ambiguous in terms of what happens when Roy is floating around up there, though judging by the small bit of footage we've seen, it looks like he'll be making at least one stop on the moon, where there's some sort of strange face-off waiting for him. And given the poster's distorted image of an astronaut, something trippy's bound to happen, at least once. You've seen Interstellar, right?

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Originally, the film was set to debut on January 11, but was since delayed to May 24. Now, it's finally dated for September 20, and it looks like the odds of it finally heading to theaters this time around are pretty good. If you're into sweeping space epics, this might very well be right up your alley.