Will JWOWW's Lie Detector Test Ruin Relationships On Double Shot?

Begin the questioning!

JWOWW is fiercely protective of her Jersey Shore family. And now, the mother of two is giving her best shot to help her single buddies DJ Pauly D and Vinny. This "praying mantis" is on a mission...

During tonight's brand-new A Double Shot at Love episode, DJ Pauly D and Vinny brought "guests" Jenni and Ronnie to the shore house to meet the remaining five ladies (Nikki, Alysse, Derynn, Maria and Elle). Following quips about Ron's new pearly whites ("If everybody got new faces, I can get new teeth," he smartly replied) and Ron not giving any personal tours of the abode (flashback to French Fry), Jenni dropped some news.

"We want to make sure you're with them for the right reasons, so I'm bringing in a friend," Jenni told the surprised guys and the girls. "My friend John -- he actually is like the human lie detector."

And Elle was "shook."

"I am terrified. These things never turn out well, to be honest," Elle what the hell stated. "It’s just a bad idea."

But Vinny saw things differently.

"It’s time to find out who’s lying [and] who’s telling the truth," the Keto Guido declared. "This lie detector test could determine who me and Pauly could potentially leave here with."

The questions -- and results -- will unfold during next week's Double Shot installment (the suspense!). So will Jenni's idea help the guys seek the clarity they need, and will the group of five pass with flying colors? Or will her plan backfire and tarnish the romances? Sound off with your thoughts, and do not miss A Double Shot at Love on Thursday at 8/7c.