Challenge Star Tony's 'Secret Obsession' Is About To Be Revealed

The truth will come out via some ink on tonight's 'How Far Is Tattoo Far?'

Tony has come close to winning The Challenge -- but does he have the mental and physical strength to get through How Far Is Tattoo Far?

The Real World alum is entering the unique parlor with his skeleton fiancée during tonight's episode. But before he devours mayonnaise designs some ink for his future wife, she's revealing the main goal she wants to achieve with Tony's tattoo.

"I just want people to see what's he's truly like behind closed doors," Alyssa tells hosts Nico Tortorella, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and a confused Tony Time, adding that she wants to reveal his "little secret obsession."

Uh-oh...What is the meaning behind his permanent work? And how does she react? Watch the future husband and wife in the video, and don't miss them on How Far Is Tattoo Far? tonight at 9/8c.