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Katy Perry's New Single Comes With A Totally Blissed-Out Teaser Trailer: Watch

She learns to 'heal and let it go' in the tranquil 'Never Really Over' clip

Is Katy Perry's Ray Of Light era coming? That's the assumption at hand, based on the pop star's teases for her new single "Never Really Over," arriving this Friday (May 31).

Yesterday, Perry unveiled the sun-kissed, tangerine-bordered cover art, which sees her throwing her head back in ecstasy while her golden locks whip around her. Now, she's keeping the hints coming with a trailer that dials up the Madonna factor even more by giving Perry a faux British accent. (Or — who knows? — maybe that's her husband-to-be Orlando Bloom's impact.)

"It's a place where you go to heal your heart and let go of any remnants of energy from older relationships. A place of tranquility and synchronicity," Perry says in a voice-over, while sounds of chirping birds and running water play behind her. "A place to unite through our broken hearts. A place to learn that there is a push and a pull to healing. And that while sometimes it can feel like those old relationships will never really be over, through the activities and surroundings, you'll learn to heal and finally let it go."

Meanwhile, the clip shows us a lush oasis in the mountains, where Perry and her friends dance, meditate, swim, and basically channel a blissed-out Don Draper from the Mad Men finale. It seems like a safe bet that the full "Never Really Over" video will delve into what really happens at the tranquil, '70s-style retreat, and luckily, we only have a couple more days until that happens. Check out the full trailer below.

"Never Really Over" is Perry's first proper solo release in nearly two years, though she recently collaborated with Zedd on "365" and assisted Daddy Yankee on a remix of "Con Calma." It would be too dramatic to call this a full-on Katy comeback, but after her underwhelming Witness era, she does perhaps have a point to prove. And she's doing that in her own peaceful, serene style.