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First Goldfinch Trailer Stars A Heartbroken Ansel Elgort

'You never know what's going to decide your future'

We've always had our suspicions that Ansel Elgort is a heartbreaker, but now we know for sure.

Elgort dazzles in the first hypnotic tearjerker of a trailer for The Goldfinch, which is guaranteed to get you through at least an entire box of Kleenexes a half-hour after sitting down in the movie theater.

The trailer is moving, somber, filled with some of the most tender, heartrending moments you'll have seen in a film over the last few months.

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by author Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch is a coming-of-age tale named after the Dutch Golden Age painting of the same name. After protagonist Theodore Decker (Elgort) loses his mother during a terrorist bombing at an art museum, he happens upon The Goldfinch while combing through the debris, dazed and heartbroken. It's the last piece of the final time he saw his mother, and thus he holds onto it as a symbol of hope.

From there, unfortunately, Theo's life takes a much different path as he spirals into a new world rife with "grief, guilt, reinvention, redemption, and even love." He later begins living in Las Vegas with his deadbeat father Larry Decker (Luke Wilson), and eventually finds himself entangled in the seedy, underground world of art forgeries.

Accompanied by a gorgeous Perfume Genius track, this first look at The Goldfinch is positively arresting, and even if you haven't read the book, you'll be immediately entranced.

The movie will bring together the legendary Nicole Kidman with an all-star cast including the aforementioned Elgort, Aneurin Barnard, Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard, American Horror Story's Sarah Paulson, and Jeffrey Wright.

If you needed a reason to cry it out today, this arresting trailer will certainly give it to you – and then some. The Goldfinch is headed to theaters on September 13, 2019.