(Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

James Blake Brings Peace And Serenity To Ellen With 'I'll Come Too' Performance

It was a peaceful moment on a show known for its energetic performers

This morning (May 24), James Blake made his U.S. daytime television with a simple, pared-down version of "I'll Come Too" on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowEllen is known for its energetic performances and new dance routines courtesy of its host, but this time, the mood was set by a soft voice and dim atmosphere, bringing the emotions to the breezy set.

Blake took to the stage with only two others for the smooth performance. His voice was angelic, the scenery bathed in deep blue. It was a much different experience from Ellen's preference for wide-eyed performers that raise everyone from their seats. This time, they looked on in amazement as Blake closed his eyes and sung from the heart. The somber energy and dim atmosphere, punctuated by bright neon lights, combined for an ethereal experience.

"I'll Come Too' appears on Blake's fourth studio album, Assume Form, that came out in January. The LP also features the Rosalía-assisted single "Barefoot in the Park" and "Mile High," which features Travis Scott and Metro Boomin. In April, Blake shared a bonus track from the LP, "Mulholland."

Check out the smooth performance of "I'll Come Too" up above.