Nasty Cherry Go All In For The Craft-Inspired Music Video

'What Do You Like in Me,' the second song from Charli XCX's faves, brings the witchy goth kitsch

Since being unveiled as one of Charli XCX's favorite new groups (and collaborators) earlier this year, Nasty Cherry have gained plaudits for their spunky, victorious debut anthem "Win." It's a good one, and it's easily replayable, but so far, it's been the only one to their name. Until now.

On Tuesday (May 28), the hybrid British-American band — comprised of drummer Deborah Knox-Hewson, guitarist Chloe Chaidez, bassist Georgia Somary, and singer Gabbriette Bechtel — dropped their next song, a gauzy and vulnerable slice of dream-pop called "What Do You Like in Me," produced and co-written by Planet 1999. Fittingly, it arrived with an equally gossamer video that dips into goth and macabre elements through the lens of an '80s late-night cable offering.

There's a simply terrific amount of candles and skulls here in the Indiana Piorek-directed clip, and Bechtel (who co-directed) vamps around like Elvira for a good portion of the video. It's as moody as the "Win" video was punchy, but there's also an air of playfulness that dominates the scene.

If it feels a little like a homemade project, that's because it was. "We used all of our own clothes and 'props' from our homes and friends to help out," Bechtel told Paper. "There's a lot of Juul fog featured and a lot of love went into making it so we hope you love it," the band wrote on Instagram. Watch the full clip above.