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Teen Mom OG Sisters: How Are Nova And Vaeda Alike?

Catelynn is opening up about her petite princesses

The upcoming Teen Mom OG season will feature a brand-new addition: Catelynn and Tyler welcome their daughter Vaeda Luma. But before viewers see the exciting milestone on the small screen (the show premieres on Monday), how did chronicling this birth differ from Novalee's several years back?

"The experiences were similar," Cate told MTV News. "But this time [with Vaeda], it was just Tyler in the delivery room. Tyler and my mom were in the room with Nova. Smaller, more intimate. I stayed the two days at the hospital that you're allowed with Nova; after the first day with Vaeda, I went home. I was like, 'I'm going home! Get me out of here!'"

And even though Vaeda is still an infant -- the mini Baltierra was born on February 21 -- Cate's munchkins are alike... yet different.

"They're similar as in they look like each other," Cate revealed. "They look identical. We just copy and paste -- we say, 'Our babies are just copy and paste.' But their personalities, you can already tell a difference. Ever since I can remember, Nova was always kicking her legs constantly and always moving. Very loud. Vadea is super chill and smiley. Maybe she will have my personality, because Nova is Tyler to the fullest. Nova is just like her dad."

Don't miss Vaeda's highly anticipated arrival when Teen Mom OG premieres on Monday at 9/8c. And check out a special sneak peek of the upcoming season -- including Amber, Cheyenne and Maci -- in the clip below!