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What Do The Teen Mom OG Cast Members Want To Achieve In The Next 10 Years?

Amber, Catelynn, Cheyenne and Maci are looking toward the future

This season of Teen Mom OG -- premiering on June 10 -- is "10 years in the making." In honor of the show celebrating the milestone, where do Amber, Catelynn, Cheyenne and Maci see themselves a decade from now?

"The next 10 years will hopefully have more babies," Cheyenne (catch her in a sneak peek from the upcoming episodes above) revealed to MTV News. "And more babies," she added with a chuckle. "And a husband. I'm [also] hoping Ryder's non-profit organization will be way bigger."

Cate sees more kiddos too -- and hitting the books.

"I really want to go back to school and hopefully get my degree by then," she stated. "Focusing on being a really good mom. Maybe more children, because we want to be done by the time we're 30!"

Meanwhile, Amber is excited about future professional ventures.

"It's going to be a roller coaster!" the Indiana native disclosed. "There's a lot of projects that I'm working on that I can't really talk about, but I really see myself producing. Andrew showed me a whole new world behind the scenes, and I've been doing this [show] for such a lot of time, so I think I know a thing or two about TV. Everyone will see -- I want everybody to be surprised."

Lastly, Maci is just hoping to "slow down" and be with her loved ones.

"Lots of stuff with the kids, sports," the Tennessean said. "Really, just family times. I hope in the next 10 years, I can slow down. It just seems like time goes by so fast."

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