Jade's Journey: How The Newest Teen Mom 2 Cast Member Began On Young And Pregnant

We're looking back at Kloie's birth, all those fights with Sean and everything in between

Jade chronicled what it was like to be young and pregnant and a teen mom. And now, Kloie's mother will continue her candor when she joins Teen Mom 2.

Along with Briana Dejesus, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer, Jade will bring her unique family dynamics to the long-running series when it returns one week from today (check out a glimpse above).

But before she joins the veteran foursome, we're looking back at some key, life-changing moments from her MTV experience thus far. Relive these unforgettable Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant moments below, then be sure to stay with MTV News and our YouTube channel for more updates regarding Teen Mom 2. And give Jade a warm welcome to the TM2 cast in the comments before her debut on September 10 at 8/7c!.

  • First introduction

    The then-21-year-old and her boyfriend Sean were bracing for their daughter's imminent birth -- sweet photo shoot included. But there were issues with Sean from the start: His busy work schedule at an appliance delivery company prevented the couple from seeing each other. Meanwhile, Jade wasn't optimistic that her mom and dad would support her through this life-changing time post-arrival. "My mom [Christy] has been in and out of jail and rehab, so it did affect me a lot," she explained, adding that her dad suffered from similar issues and the two had lived in a hotel for years.

  • Meet "Angel" Kloie

    After nine hours in labor (and with Sean and Christy by her side), Jade gave birth to Baby Kloie (the tiny tot was seven pounds, seven ounces). "She's so cute," Jade adorably told her mini-me as they bonded post-birth, while Sean gushed that they "made a little angel."

  • "I just don’t want to put up with this sh*t anymore"

    The fighting between Jade and Sean only intensified during Baby K's early days: He quit his job to help out with the newborn -- without discussing it with his girlfriend first. The aftermath of his decision culminated in a massive blowup: She stormed out of their shared living space and took their child with her. The next morning, they reconnected -- and she tearfully told him she didn't know how they could move forward.

  • Future Mr. and Mrs.

    From being on the verge of going their separate ways to...fiancé? During a couple's night out, Sean confessed he couldn't see himself with anyone else but Jade -- and he dropped to one knee with a ring. She accepted, but her mood quickly changed after Christy voiced her concerns about the two embarking on married life.

  • Wait, not so fast...

    Following a string of post-engagement quarrels -- the biggest was when Sean flaked on a dinner with Jade's family -- she broke things off (again). Jade gave back her sparkler, and Sean moved in with a friend. A newly single Jade confessed she felt "happier" post-split.

  • A new living situation

    Sean and Jade decided to move in together but this time as roommates (no intimacy included). This decision came fresh off of having her mom and dad residing in the home (which did not go well).

  • Are they or aren't they?

    Good question. At the first reunion, Jade confessed that she and Sean were not engaged -- but he had her heart.

  • A difficult breakdown

    Jade reached her breaking point after ceasing her romance with Sean yet again: She confessed to her mother that she couldn’t eat or sleep and felt like she was having a panic attack. Her doctor prescribed a new medication to help her cope.

  • 'I've never felt more betrayed'

    After Sean bailed on a family outing (he claimed he felt sick), Jade suspected he was not telling the whole truth. And she was correct: Sean failed an at-home drug test. She kicked him out of their apartment (he was back under her roof for the umpteenth time) and forbade him from seeing their daughter. He promised Jade that he would make changes and get the help he desperately needed.

  • On a positive track

    Sean stuck to his word -- and during the second reunion, he revealed that he was 200 days sober and going to an outpatient treatment center twice a week. Another big development: Jade and Sean were back together, and she admitted "he wants to be a family with me."