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Ruby Rose Takes On Gotham In Latest Batwoman Footage

The Wonderland Gang is no match for Batwoman

Gotham's latest hero is here, and Kate Kane is about to clean up the city streets like nobody's business.

The CW dropped a lengthy bit of footage from its upcoming Batwoman series starring Ruby Rose as the openly gay Kane and her alter ego, the crimson caped crusader.

In the past, we've only had brief glimpses of Kane in her Batwoman suit, but this slice of the series serves up three minutes of footage following Kate as she becomes the crimefighter Gotham needs. The series will follow Kate years after her dishonorable discharge from military school and return to Gotham City, which is currently without a Batman.

While in Gotham, Kane discovers that the malevolent Alice in Wonderland Gang has been trying to take out her father's security firm The Crows, and has subsequently kidnapped officer Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy). Moore and Kane have history, as she's Kane's ex-girlfriend. Kate will have to go after her and match up against the leader of the Wonderland Gang, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) to bring Moore back home safely.

She won't be doing this one, though. Kane is actually Bruce Wayne's cousin, and even though he's not currently in the picture, Luke Fox, son of Wayne Enterprises Lucius Fox, has plenty of tricks up his sleeve to help her find a superhero identity. Kate stumbles upon the iconic Batsuit, which she'll wear as part of her new Batwoman identity, but she needs some adjustments made first so a man can't "take credit for a woman's work."

The trailer is full of action-packed sequences, lush cinematography, and plenty of epic moments that prove just how much of a badass Kane is going to be. For anyone who's kept up with Batwoman's comic continuity, you'll know exactly what kind of cool stuff there is to look forward to.

Batwoman is airing Sundays beginning fall 2019, but from this new footage alone, we already know Ruby Rose is going to kill it.