Babs And Andrew (And Nathan!) Come Face-To-Face At The Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Jenelle's mom and baby daddies discussed Jace, Kaiser and more

Here’s a trio we never thought we’d see in one room, never mind on one couch: Barbara, Andrew and Nathan. On Part 3 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion show, Jenelle’s mom and first two baby daddies took the stage together to discuss Jenelle and custody of Jace and Kaiser, respectively, and it was gloriously...interesting?

First, Nathan and Barbara came out and discussed their “cordial” relationship, while Nathan expressed his concerns over Kaiser spending so much time at Jenelle’s (and David’s) home. Then Andrew joined them and explained why he suddenly wants to be in Jace’s life after nine years of little involvement.

“It’s come to the point’s my son, man -- come on.” And though Andrew insisted he’s been doing better since he went to college, was getting his drinking under control and was giving out food to the homeless (though Dr. Drew wasn’t so convinced about the last two), Babs said he was still not deserving of being in Jace’s life.

“Jace doesn’t even know him. He can’t just show up for one day and say, ‘Hi, I’m your father’ and then not see him again for two years,” Barbara quipped. “You need to be consistent...Jace has never gotten one card, one gift, one phone call, nothing….If [Andrew] was an upstanding citizen, somebody I could depend on, it’d be a different story.”

As for what Jenelle’s ex could do to prove to Babs that he's ready to be a dad?

“I have to see consistency of him calling me on a weekly basis,” Barbara said. “I just don’t understand why we all can’t just get along. All the baby daddies, all the families. Just get along.”

What do you think of Barb taking the stage with two of Jenelle’s exes? And will Andrew ever step it up for Jace? Share your thoughts, then stay tuned for more Teen Mom 2 news!