Chelsea's Husband Cole Makes His Teen Mom 2 Reunion Debut

There’s a first time for everything

Chelsea’s husband Cole has been a part of Teen Mom 2 since Season 6, yet he has never taken the stage at a reunion show. But that all changed on the final installment of the Season 9 sit-down, where Cole made his reunion debut alongside his wife, his father-in-law Randy and, later, his step-daughter, Aubree.

And to nobody’s surprise, Cole was especially sweet during the segments, first telling the audience and co-hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa how he helped Chelsea after her panic attack. “I wrote her a bunch of notes after it happened that she could see as she woke up,” he said; Chelsea said they were encouraging love letters he hung around the house telling her that she was a great wife and mom. Cue the awws!

Cole also said that he “was meant to be a dad” and that he was leaving it up to his wifey to decide when they’re ready to start trying for another baby. Nope, these two lovebirds aren’t done having kids.

The DeBoers even had a super sweet and emotional moment with a fan in the audience, who commended Cole for stepping up for Aubree -- and admitted she too was abandoned by her biological father as a kid.

“Just like Aubree, I begged my father to kind of be there for me, and he never stepped up to be a father,” she said before tearing up and getting a supportive hug from the reality TV couple. “You’re doing an amazing job. I really respect you so much.”

But emotions aside, the dad admitted his first time in the hot seat wasn’t so bad after all.

“It’s been just fine,” he smiled.

What do you think of Cole’s reunion debut and the emotional encounter he and Chelsea had with a fan? Tell us if you loved it as much as we did, then stay tuned to MTV News for more Teen Mom scoop.