Will Butch Ever Meet His Teen Mom OG Granddaughter?

He was a no-show at Vaeda's birth -- much to Catelynn and Tyler's disappointment

Catelynn's daughter Vaeda was born during tonight's brand-new Teen Mom OG episode, but one family member missed the birth.

Butch, who was "struggling" with sobriety while living in Texas following a stay in rehab, was invited by Tyler and Cate to be present at the life-changing event. The MTV grandfather, who had not been staying in close contact with Tyler, was initially hesitant to make the trip because of money, but Ty offered to help pay for the travel.

"I never been in the free world with any of my grandchildren born," Butch confessed during a phone call with his son.

However, when the couple tried to arrange travel for Butch before Cate went into labor, he was MIA and not responding to her text messages.

"I just think it's crazy, because if any of my kids are having kids, I'm going to be there," Cate said.

"But we're also not drug addicts," Ty sadly countered. "We don't have that mindset like that. A lot of things my dad would do, or did, we would never do."

Butch was an eventual no-show at Baby V's arrival. When Cate returned home from the hospital, Tyler's mom Kim came over, and Tyler admitted to the two women (plus the snoozing newborn in his arms) that he was "bummed" his dad didn't make the journey. Cate expressed her last exchange with Butch was that the ball was in his court (Butch didn't write back to her) and that he had "no excuse not to come." But Kim had angrier words for her ex.

"I could care less if I ever see him in my life. I'm just done with him," she said, before reading a "nasty" text to him where she "spoke her piece."

Cate's previous text sums up the next step: The ball is in Butch's court -- so will the patriarch come to Michigan to see his clan? Or will Butch continue to not acknowledge correspondence with his loved ones and live without any contact? Give us your predictions, then keep watching Teen Mom OG every Monday at 9/8c.