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Zayn And Zhavia Ward Recreate A Classic Aladdin Duet

This version of 'A Whole New World' is grander, and a tad snappier, than the 1992 original

The magical duet "A Whole New World" was the high point of Aladdin when the animated film came out in 1992. The intertwining romance of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine as they kindled feelings for each other — as well as the exploration of new experiences and realms — made it endearing. With the new live-action Aladdin hitting theaters on May 24, a modern update of "A Whole New World" has been released. It features Zayn and The Four: Battle for Stardom alumni Zhavia Ward as the infatuated souls, singing their hearts out to a slightly slower, more extravagant rendition. It doesn't need a genie to capture the magic of the original; it does it all on its own.

This version of "A Whole New World" knocks a bit harder, thanks to the snap of a finger that gives it an extra kick. Zayn's booming voice gets a soft, emotional delivery that crescendos into a grand, enveloping wind. Ward matches his arc, starting near a whisper and escalating so that by the end of the song, there won't be a dry eye in all of the theater.

In the new accompanying video (released May 9), the two sides of love, represented by Zayn and Ward, are more realistically cut. Zayn waltzes through with a blank, emotionless face and a magnificent hairdo. Ward's beach-blonde dreadlocks are striking and cut her as a more valiant counterpart than Zayn — his reserved world, her adventurous one. They're traversing the gateways created by love and exploring each other's realms. Whole new worlds.

Zayn released his second studio album, Icarus Falls, in 2018. It features the previously released songs, "Stand Still" and "Satisfaction." Watch the slow-moving video for "A Whole New World" up above.