Challenge Trysts: Is Georgia Still Hooking Up With Bear?

When it comes to the 'War of the Worlds' competitors' relationship status, it's complicated

Bear may have had a cousin girlfriend back home during War of the Worlds (a detail he failed to mention to everyone), but that did not stop the loudmouthed Brit from growing close to fellow U.K. alliance member Georgia. And while the two Challengers had it out about his unfaithful behavior (as seen in the clip below), they ultimately reconciled, and she was left devastated when he lost on the Killing Floor. But have the Prospects remained together since the game concluded? Well, it isn't so cut and dry.

During Part 2 of the Season 33 reunion, Bear admitted that he made the cousin quip "in jest" and reasoned, "It was funny." Not laughing: Cara Maria and Da'Vonne, who proceeded to have a back-and-forth about the former telling the Love Island star about his infidelity while Bear was mid-phone call with his lady back home. But Georgia was able to provide some context about the situation after the other women stopped bickering on stage.

"Bear is obviously a liar -- he lied even though it was there and it was black and white," George explained. "If [Cara] hadn't gotten me and taken me there and I hadn't heard it, then he would have lied even more."

Host Lolo Jones pressed Bear for an apology, which he offered while adding that what he did was "not nice." But is Georgia actually done hooking up with him?

"I really hope so," she declared. "But I don't want to make any promises."

Except...they were intimate the night before when she came back to his room and was unclothed in his bed and they also shagged (oh, British slang) during a recent trip to Thailand.

Do you think the sexual encounters between these rookies will end, or will they continue? Give it your best guess in the comments, and stay with MTV News for all Challenge updates!