First Trailer For HBO's Watchmen Series Is Here And Everyone Is Wearing Masks

Regina King's foot also gets its first taste of criminal keister in this teaser

We hope you like Rorschach tests. Because practically everyone in the first teaser trailer for  HBO's Watchmen series is wearing a ski mask with various ink stains printed onto them.

This glimpse was released today, and it reveals a gritty new world based on the comic of the same name by Alan Moore and Davie Gibbons, published in the 1980s by DC Comics. It doesn't reveal much, but it looks damn good showing the darkness of the world it takes place in. And Regina King. King makes a grand appearance in the trailer, kicking ass and taking names.

The trailer isn't long enough to tell us everything about Watchmen, but it does start building a frame for it to fill. There's a community of masked individuals in a bunker of sorts, then there are policemen wearing scarves, also hiding their identities, hiding in plain sight.

As for what cataclysm turns King into a grimacing, masked menace, that's for us to find out. Her fists rise and fall rapidly over the course of maybe three seconds. That's about all to really take away from it. What's left is a beautiful array of stylish scenes featuring flaming husks flying from the sky, color-changing masks, and a pile of bodies with no context. The string connecting these unsettling threads is a chant of "tick, tock" that grows louder and louder until a crash, followed by a smiling man who says it's "the end of the world."

The trailer ends with a wink and the man's grinning face resuming the chant. "Tick tock, tick tock, tick..."

Watchmen takes place in the same universe as the source comic but will tell a different story. In addition to King, Deadline reports that its cast includes Jeremy Irons, Jean Smart, Don Johnson, Louis Gossett Jr., and more.

Take a look at the eerie trailer up above.