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Harry and Meghan’s Royal Baby Is The Best Thing To Happen To Riverdale

Archie Comics has already paid tribute to the newborn

By Lauren Rearick

The world of Riverdale already inspired two spinoff series, a Hot Topic clothing line, and countless, albeit implausible, fan theories, but its latest influence might be downright royal. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle of Sussex announced the name of their newborn on Wednesday (May 8), and it’s a moniker that many on Riverdale are already familiar with.

After sharing the news of their newborn’s arrival earlier this week, the royal family formally announced his name: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. The name isn’t exactly Archie Andrews, but fans on social media quickly started wondering if Riverdale’s resident musician-turned-boxer partially inspired the decision.

Some on Twitter dubbed Markle a “superfan” of Riverdale writing, “Harry and meghan just called their (most likely) ginger child archie..... they’re riverdale stans! ladies and gentlemen we got em!” One fan even used a very appropriate Archie GIF, tweeting, “I guess Harry and Meghan are big fans of Riverdale to name their kid Archie.”

Actor Casey Cott, who portrays Kevin Keller on the series, also joined in on the social media suggestions, tweeting, “Kevin would have been better.” However, other fans may disagree, as this user contemplated naming the child in honor of another Riverdale favorite, writing, “This opens up a whole new question: Is Meghan or Harry the big Riverdale fan? Would Elizabeth II have been OK with a Jughead in the royal family?” (We don't know about Jughead, but Forsythe Pendleton sounds pretty royal to us.)

Along with poking fun at the name, this Twitter user came up with an idea for a royal version of Riverdale tweeting, “It has also been announced that the new baby's best friend will be Prince Jughead, live in Riverdale Castle, and will be fought over by Duchesses Betty and Veronica.”

Unfortunately, it appears that we’ll have to go without a member of the royal family being named in honor of a Southside Serpent or Kevin, but the announcement did reach the ears of Archie Comics. In what could be today’s most humours tweet, Archie Comics tweeted, “i'm baby.”