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Ryan Reynolds' Detective Pikachu Could Have Sounded Entirely Different

'Like Who Framed Roger Rabbit had a baby with Blade Runner'

Ryan Reynolds is bringing his immediately recognizable voice to Detective Pikachu when it arrives in theaters next week, but a new interview with the Deadpool star reveals the iconic electric mouse could have sounded a lot different.

Reynolds is lending his voice to the wise-cracking Pokémon, though for all intents and purposes he's essentially playing, well, Ryan Reynolds. But according to the star during an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, that wasn't what he had in mind to begin with.

During his pre-role prep, Reynolds had gone to the film team with ideas of giving little Pikachu a "film noir" sound, or something like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit had a baby with Blade Runner," as he so succinctly put it. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately in this case) the team didn't go for it.

"Or maybe just do Ryan Reynolds ... Maybe shut up and do the other thing," Reynolds recalled of the conversation. But who knows? It could have added some intriguing "flavor" to Pikachu, who many had been hoping would be voiced by Danny DeVito in the first place, which would have absolutely been A Choice.

As the movie's promotional schedule went into full swing, Reynolds had shared a fun little fake documentary about his "process" when it comes to acting. It was quite obviously meant to be a parody, but apparently people thought it was real – which Reynolds couldn't believe.

"Even in the casual glance at my resume, I am not Daniel Day-Lewis or Christian Bale. I just graduated from the Aerosmith online acting academy," he joked to Fallon.

But even though he didn't get to use the voice he wanted to for Pikachu, Reynolds is still happy to see the movie coming out, calling it a "nice adventure," especially when "the news these days is just like pouring hot lemon juice into your eyeballs."

Detective Pikachu is set to open in theaters on May 10.