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Yes, The Falcon & Winter Soldier Series Is Real

The dynamic duo are pairing up for a new series

Just because Avengers: Endgame is finally out in the wild, that doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to all of your favorite characters – especially if they happen to be the Winter Soldier or Falcon.

The Winter Soldier himself (Sebastian Stan) recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where he chatted with Fallon about how difficult it was filming Avengers: Endgame without being able to spoil tiny plot details, his antics with Falcon (Anthony Mackie), oh – and the show they're appearing in together on upcoming streaming service Disney+.

Stan discussed Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the latest Marvel superhero spin-off arriving this fall on Disney+, the future home of Scarlet Witch solo series WandaVision, a new Loki-centric show, one focusing on Hawkeye, and several other series exploring some of the coolest members of the MCU you wanted to see more of.


While he couldn't divulge many details about what Falcon and the Winter Soldier will actually be about, at the very least we know both actors are teaming up to bring us some very special antics while paired up together. Given the Russo Brothers' insistence upon those in Endgame keep the secrets foisted upon the actors in Endgame, it looks like we won't know much about this particular series anytime soon, either.

Luckily, Stan was able to chat about some of the hilarious times on set that, while filming the movie, some particularly hilarious situations happened. Take the time he was invited to show up with all of his Endgame castmates dressed for a wedding. He had no idea what he was filming, but he was able to work out which characters may have been getting hitched by the process of deduction – and that's pretty much the only way.

It's great to hear these kinds of stories from Winter Soldier himself, but we're obviously more interested in hearing what to expect about this new series on the horizon. Hopefully those details come down the pipeline soon enough.