(Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AG)

Ariana Grande Enchants Under A Pink Full Moon In New '7 Rings' Performance

Her pre-recorded Billboard Music Awards performance featured the whole squad

Ariana Grande couldn't be at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards Wednesday night (May 1) in person, but she was in there in spirit. Look no further than her pre-recorded performance of "7 Rings," filmed during the April 27 Vancouver stop on her Sweetener World Tour that she's currently in the midst of. She brought a fascinatingly dark and slightly creepy energy to the awards with the performance that made use of a gigantic full moon and eerie pink lights.

This performance of "7 Rings" was christened by a nightmarish trap house. Grande and her cavalcade of pink-wearing dancers, sporting the latest in grimacing facial features, pranced around with prowess and confidence. As the backdrop behind zoomed down a dark street illuminated by house lights and a strange pink glow, a ferociously large moon situated in the distance, making the environment grow creepier by the second. It was as if by the dim light of this full moon, Grande and her dancers became entranced by it. They seemed to be in as much of an eerie spell as the fans who screamed each lyric. Grande climbed on the roof of an old car that signaled the end of this dark magic, posing as the pink lights crept up on her and constricted her body like living vine whips.

Earlier this month, Grande brought a couple of surprises to Coachella during her sets when she reunited NSYNC on stage (sans Justin Timberlake) and brought out Justin Bieber, who announced that he was working on new music. She also appeared alongside Bieber on Lil Dicky's new anti-climate change anthem, "Earth" as a CGI-generated Zebra.

Watch the illuminating performance of "7 Rings" up above.