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KJ Apa Opens Up About What Painful Loss Of Luke Perry Means For Riverdale

The show must go on

After actor Luke Perry unexpectedly passed away in early March, the cast of Riverdale (and all of Hollywood) was in mourning. Now, more than a month after his death, co-star KJ Apa (Archie Andrews) has opened up about how the show will end up dealing with the fact that he's no longer around.

Entertainment Tonight spoke with Apa, who played Perry's onscreen son on the show during a recent press tour for his upcoming Netflix romantic comedy The Last Summer, discussing the abrupt and devastating loss as well as how it will impact Riverdale as a whole.

"His legacy is gonna live on in the lives around him, that he worked with, you know?" said Apa. "I'm never gonna forget him and I think it's still very fresh and we're all still dealing with it."

Perry passed away at 52 after a massive stroke. After his untimely death, support poured in from the Riverdale cast, viewers, and actors from far and wide throughout the industry expressing their condolences and how much they'd miss Perry. The cast and crew are still mourning, in fact, as it's been extremely difficult to deal with losing such an important friend and member of the team.

In terms of Riverdale's continuity, Perry's character Fred Andrews is currently out of town. His wife Mary Andrews (Molly Ringwald) is in town, and could potentially end up playing a much larger role than previously imagined.

"We're definitely gonna obviously have to address it at some point," Apa continued. "Possibly, that means Molly stepping in as more of an active parent for Archie, but that all depends on the availability of the actors around us. So, you know, we'll do what we can."

Perry's final episode aired on Wednesday (April 24), though the Riverdale crew has yet to divulge how they officially plan on moving forward. But while the show will have to move on sometime for the sake of holding the narrative together, one thing's for sure: It will take much, much longer for the cast to heal.