NBC/1st Look

Johnny Bananas And Wes Are Putting Their Challenge Relationship To The Test

With a little help from Maury Povich

Johnny Bananas and Wes first appeared on The Challenge together back in 2006; the Real World: Key West alum was eliminated first, while the Real World: Austin vet secured his first W. And even though they have had incredible MTV careers for the past 13-plus years and endured many adventures together, the competitors have never been able to get on the same playing page (most recently, Wes was able to attack first and get Bananas out of the War of the Worlds game very early). But now, the champs will be revealing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. With a bit of help from Maury Povich.

In a sneak peek of an upcoming 1st Look episode, Bananas (who is the host of the aforementioned NBC series) sits down with the legendary television personality to air out his history with Wes -- with a lie detector test in tow. And no, there are no "you are the father" declarations. That we know of...

But what else is in store for the duo? Who will be honest, and who, well, won't? Can they finally bury the hatchet -- or will the war continue? Give us your predictions, don't miss them on 1st Look on May 11 (tomorrow!) right after Saturday Night Live and keep watching Wes on War of the Worlds every Wednesday at 9/8c.