YouTube/Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson And Lykke Li Get Mysterious At Midnight In Vintage 'Late Night Feelings' Video

Lykke Li imagines herself performing with Ronson on an ancient television

Mark Ronson and Lykke Li have discoed back to the 1970s in their new video for "Late Night Feelings." It's a star-making vehicle for Lykke Li's tantalizing presence and movements. In the process, they have created one of the most captivating videos of this year.

Now this is how you pack personality into a music video. "Late Night Feelings" is effortlessly cinematic and groovy. The song paints the funkadelic atmosphere while the camerawork itself expertly captures a woman's midnight madness. Lykke Li is the main attraction of this show and begins by taking a shower, hopping out, grabbing a cigarette, and slowly meandering down the steps and crawling along the walls like a tarantula. She's intently focused on Ronson, who's performing with a guitar on a tiny television. She's enraptured by his presence.

Somehow, Lykke Li melts into a bathtub and then finds herself inside of the television next to Ronson. While she performs a magnificent routine with the producer, she's revealed to be not actually inside the television, but still in her living room having a jam session. Lykke Li has completely lost her marbles and it's clear as she grasps at his legs in her imagination where she's just as much the star of the situation as he is. Lykke Li passes out from exhaustion at the end, effectively putting the caps on the entire charade.

"Late Night Feelings" is the title track for Ronson's forthcoming LP of the same name that's scheduled to drop on June 21. It will also feature Miley Cyrus, Camila Cabello, Alicia Keys, and more.

Take a look at the 1970s-themed video up above.