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Kevin Abstract Releases An EP, Ghettobaby, And Zombified 'Baby Boy' Video

Could a new album be coming on April 25?

Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract is surely on a roll. Just last week, he surprised the world with the release of the three-track project, ARIZONA baby. Today, he’s released another a new EP, Ghettobaby. There’s no stopping this kid.

Ghettobaby is made up of six songs; the three from last week’s ARIZONA baby (“Big Wheels,” “Joy Ride,” and “Georgia”), and three new ones, “Corpus Christi,” “Baby Boy,” and “Mississippi.” Abstract led into the release of the new EP by releasing a video for “Baby Boy” a couple of hours before the project dropped. It's an off-putting visual featuring an army of zombie-like figures moving slowly through the night. It'll give you goosebumps.

Abstract’s currently released two bodies of work on two of the three dates posted to Instagram: “11th, 18th, and 25th.” He tweeted earlier this week that he’s slowly releasing an album (also called ARIZONA baby), so it's highly possible that a third installment of new tracks is coming on April 25. For now we’ll have to wait and see.

Amidst rumors circulating that the rap collective was separating, Abstract recently took to Twitter to let fans know that everything was fine within the group. “BROCKHAMPTON IS NOT BREAKING UP THE NEW MUSIC SOUNDS GOOD AS HELL WE JUST NOT SPENDING 10 DAYS ON ALBUMS NO MORE,” he wrote. Brockhampton’s last album was 2018’s Iridescence.

Check out the tracklist for Ghettobaby and video for “Baby Boy” up above.