What Challenge Lessons Did Dee Learn From Wes?

The rookie may be out of the game, but she gained invaluable knowledge along the way

Dee was able to overcome a bunch of her fears (like heights and water) while competing on The Challenge -- but unfortunately for the Aussie, her rookie War of the Worlds season came to an end in tonight's elimination against Da'Vonne.

While Turbo declared he would not miss her (as evidenced by his vote to send her onto the Killing Floor) and "everything is okay now," the Geordie Shore export's former partner Wes had some sweet parting words for his erstwhile teammate as she tearfully exited the competition.

"Good job, Dee! Thank you. Hang your head high, you did a phenomenal job as a freshman," Wes yelled at Dee, as the other players offered parting words (except the Survivor: Turkey extraordinaire).

And even though the two will not have a chance to compete side-by-side during the remainder of the game, what lessons did Dee learn from the Duel and Rivals 2 champ?

"The swimming lesson," she told MTV News, with a chuckle. "But also how to play a very good social game. I don't think I had the political game down pat yet, but that just comes with more experience."

And speaking of pool activities, has Dee been practicing?

"No, I have not," she stated. "I think I have a little bit of PTSD from the water now, so every time I go to the beach, I just tan and don't want to get wet."

What was your favorite Dee moment from this season? Give your thoughts, and keep watching War of the Worlds on Wednesdays at 9/8c.