'Lost Cause': Is The Jersey Shore Cast Really Done With Ronnie?

When it comes to his endless drama, they're 'f*cking over it'

Ronnie's never-ending at-home drama is greatly affecting his Jersey Shore friendships -- and tonight's brand-new episode featured everyone (but Ron) declaring they are "beyond over it."

The latest "Ronpage" at hand -- and the roomies' reaction -- is twofold: First, Ron ended the gang's celebratory trip to the dude ranch on a bad note by silently sulking and engaging in a flurry of one-sided text messages with Jen. (AWKWARD!) Then, it was revealed that Ronnie straight-up lied about that brawl in Secaucus, as he now claimed that (shocker) it was Jen who caused his black eye.

"There's no hope for us giving him advice anymore," Pauly D said, referencing Ronnie's numerous couples counseling sessions with the cast while dubbing his friend "a lost cause." "You can't help somebody that doesn't wanna be helped. The only person that can fix him is himself."

Even Snooki, Ronnie's longtime spiral sidekick, admitted she's fed up after discovering that he might not even come to Mike's wedding to serve as one of his best men -- a move Ron made less than a week before the nuptials.

"Obviously, I love Ron to death. He's my brother, and we've been through a lot," Nicole shared. "But I feel like I don't know him at all anymore. We used to be very close, but once he started turning into this f*cking as*hole, I didn't want anything to do with him."

She continued, "We've been reaching out to him for two years now, and it's the same cycle. We're f*cking over it."

While Ron's roommates appear to have reached their limit with the unofficial I.F.F. founding member, they're still family. Is there any chance that they'll fully be able to mend things with Ron and get back on track? Or is their friendship too far gone? Comment with your thoughts, then tune in next week for a new episode Thursday at 8/7c.