Theo And Georgia Ponder Which Love Island-ers Would Excel On The Challenge

It's a complete 180 from finding romance at the Mallorca villa

Georgia and Theo are the first Love Island alums to compete on The Challenge -- and they would probably be the first to say that the MTV competitions are a far cry from missions on the hit ITV series. So which fellow islanders do they think would perform well in the unique game?

"I reckon Kem would do well," Theo revealed to MTV News about the Season 3 champ/"who the f*ck is Feo" originator. "I think Alex [Beattie] too. Not Chris, not Marcel. On the girls side, Montana is fit." So he won't be "paging Dr. Marcel..."

Meanwhile, his fellow 2017 contestant has another pick from their Mallorca adventure.

"Now that Theo and me have done [The Challenge], everyone on Love Island really wants to do it," the Essex native stated. "I've had so many people coming up to me. I think Gabby [Allen] -- she's really athletic, and she always trains in the gym. To be fair, I actually think she would struggle with the politics, but most people on Love Island aren't really good at that in general."

To be fair, recoupling isn't that complex -- but they can be a shocker (flashback to George's iconic entrance and Amber's reaction):

Love Island fans, who do you think would excel on The Challenge, and who might be best suited for some lounge time by the pool? Give your suggestions, and keep watching Georgia and Theo every Wednesday at 9/8c!