Double Shot At Love Poll: Who Escalated That 'Weird' Fight With Pauly?

It's Holly vs. Mish vs. Nikki

"Weird" has taken on a whole new meaning in the Double Shot at Love house. And during tonight's episode, the aforementioned word was the key source of a misunderstanding between DJ Pauly D, Holly, Mish and Nikki. But which gal bore the most responsibility for the showdown?

Here's what spawned the weird odd four-way feud: Following Holly's umpteenth attempt at some solo time with the DJ, Pauly lamented to Nikki and Maria about her forwardness.

"She's nice, but ugh. She always pulls me every second," Pauly complained to the girls. Nikki privately agreed with him, stating that her fellow competitor needs to "tone it down a lot of notches."

The impromptu chat between the trio was later brought up by Nikki -- to Mish. Specifically, Nikki told Mish that "Pauly said 'she's so weird.'"

Mish (aka the gal who didn't know who Pauly D was before this series) was unhappy with the intel from Nikki and thought it was "funny" how Nikki has a habit of complaining about small comments but had the nerve to come to her with this claim.

And when Mish "spilled a little bit of tea" (B-Lashes' way of saying that Mish went and told Holly about Nikki's dirt), Holly was less than pleased and demanded that Pauly send her "the f*ck home." She also confronted the DJ about his alleged words about her, and he deny deny deny denied denied denied (like his pal Ronnie).

"I did not say that, and also you're weird as f*ck, but I'm telling you to your face," Pauly told Holly. "You're weird. You want to know something else? I like weird."

Holly walked away from the situation confused and hurt, and when she told Mish that multiple girls thought she was the one playing both sides, Mish began to sob.

"I just don't want people to think I'm fake," she tearfully confessed to a peeved Holly.

A trip on a swan with Vinny comforted Mish for the time being, as Nikki (who sensed something was up by girls whispering around her) put on a "bullet-proof" face mask for all of the house drama.

But Nikki's "glam glo" (again, B-Lashes with this good description) didn't save her from Marissa's perfect analysis of what was unfolding.

"Pauly claims that he didn't say it and that you made it up," she clearly explained to Nikki. "Now you have two girls crying in the house for no reason. You have Holly and Mish, because you went and told Mish that Pauly said Holly's weird, and Mish told Holly, and then Holly confronted Pauly. And Pauly said, 'Don't listen to her because it's not true.' So it stemmed from you?" THANKS, MAR.

Nikki claimed she did not orchestrate anything (direct quote: "Why am I making up something that someone said?") and immediately addressed it with Pauly (purple face included). When he broke down how he saw the entire incident (pretty much the above description), an agitated Nikki walked away.

"What the f*ck did I do?" he chuckled.

And that's kinda how this Double Shot head-scratcher went down. Nikki doesn't really want anything to do with the girls because they're "fake-ass bitches," and the trio of girls at the forefront of this debacle went safely through to next week (no cabs ordered for them). But who do you think escalated this fight the most? Was it Nikki, the "she's so weird" originator? Or was it Mish, who went and told Holly about the word being spread about her? Or was it Holly, who told Pauly about the entire ordeal? Vote below, then keep watching A Double Shot at Love every Thursday at 8/7c.