Gesaffelstein And Pharrell Take Turns Being The Creepiest People In The Future In 'Blast Off' Video

Between the midnight black skin and sunburnt eyes, we're going to be sleeping with the light on

Record producer, songwriter, and DJ Gesaffelstein has premiered the visual for his recently released single "Blast Off" after his Coachella set on Sunday (April 14). The dystopian, futuristic-sounding tune features Pharrell, who is the star of the accompanying visual that matches the song's intensity. It's not quite Blade RunneriRobot, or TRON, but it's still an unsettling look at a dark future. Beware the man on the piano. Beware the eyes behind the sunshades.

The video for "Blast Off" is every bit as sharp and futuristic as the song already is. Someone, presumably Gesaffelstein, stands in the background, almost out of frame, playing a keyboard that looks like a high-end auctionable item from The Jetsons. Hands, legs, and entire people made of neon colored dots move quickly and inhumanly like androids at 1.5x speed. We, as viewers, keep seeing what looks a circuit board or symbol network that changes colors at it expands. Whatever kind of dark world this is, Pharrell acts as the normalcy beacon that keeps us grounded — initially anyway. He's dancing around in futuristic glasses for the first verse, but by the second, the glasses are removed, revealing his eyes to be burning pools of sunlight. If you stare directly into them, you'll be in danger of going blind.

Gesaffelstein just dropped his second studio album Hyperion in March. It features The Weeknd, HAIM, and Electric Youth. His debut LP, Aleph, came out in 2013.

Take a look at the robotic video up above.