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Khalid Starts A New Conversation On 'Talk (Remix)' With Megan Thee Stallion And Yo Gotti

All three musicians need to talk for different reasons

For the remix to Khalid's pleading single "Talk," the baritone crooner brought some rappers along to add a poetic edge. Burgeoning rapstress Megan Thee Stallion and trap-rap stalwart Yo Gotti spit rhymes to the smooth production courtesy of Disclosure that enables the official remix to soar to new heights. Not only is it an adorable song about falling in love, but it's also a tight amalgam of melody and bars that shows there's always room to connect the two.

Megan Thee Stallion starts the song off with her sneering flow that practically brushes the dirt off its shoulders as she goes along. She knows she's one of the best, and, in her verse, she's letting you know it too. You'd be a fool to waste a chance at her. When she drips into some chilly melodies at the tail end of it, she reveals herself a double threat. Yo Gotti comes in at the end, after Khalid's vocals (of course), and raps about a woman that he's having some problems with. His "talk" with her isn't to get closer; he's in the process of separating himself. Her father is a police officer so he doesn't want to ever meet him.

Khalid released his sophomore studio album Free Spirit on April 5. It features the previously released songs "Self" and "Talk." He also shared a film of the same name directed by esteemed music video director Emil Nava.

Listen to the confident "Talk" remix up above.