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P!nk Swims In The Perilous Rivers Of Relationship Nostalgia In 'Can We Pretend'

Featuring a tambourine that doesn't quit!

Nostalgia is quite a phenomenon. It's why we prefer older sitcoms and cartoons to current ones. Aside from being probably funnier, we unconsciously soak in the atmosphere surrounding them so we're not just thinking of our favorite actors and trademark catchphrases. We're obsessed with the pop-culture environment and that sense of freedom that eludes us because, let's face it, being younger, no matter what age, often amounts to more freedom. P!nk's new single, "Can We Pretend," is all about this kind of nostalgia. But in this instance, it's for a decomposed relationship. By living in a nostalgic world removed from reality, can it be brought back to life?

Can you pretend? Because if you can, I will. P!nk's upbeat record is airy and cheery, even if its a bit darker than what it sounds like as she asks the question. It also has a tambourine that doesn't quit. Her opening verse is heartwarming and a vivid picture of her past. Dancing on tables and taking meaningless pictures are images that become plastered in the skull. Her chorus yanks those memories out of her brain and slaps them on the table in front of her partner. "So can we pretend that I'm 22 today?" she asks. "Can we pretend that we all end up okay?" she sings lovingly to the backdrop of the energetic, saccharine beat. There's even a slight nod to how she feels about the commander-in-chief. "Can we pretend that we both like the president?" she pleads, a hint of a grin in her voice.

"Can We Pretend" is the third single released ahead of her forthcoming studio album, Hurts 2B Human, that drops on April 26. The first two songs released from it were "Walk Me Home" and "Hustle."

Listen to the upbeat tune up above.